In our VUCA world, technological advancements are accelerating, even more, the changes in the corporations. Businesses are adopting newer and newer tech solutions at an unprecedented pace, with spending on digital transformation around 1.25 trillion USD worldwide. Demands on provide even more user-friendly digital platforms for customers, employees and partners are increasing rapidly. Successful companies in the ‘20s must build upon foundational SMAC (specifically social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) capabilities.

Employer branding strategies can only be as successful as authentic they are. Therefore, walk the talk in case of digital transformation must be the number one priority for HR and the executive leadership teams. Companies need to adapt their structure and processes to guarantee seamless transactions with their customers and employees that eliminate any form of delay or frustration. HR function plays a pivotal role in this digital transformation since it owns employee engagement/experience actions, change management toolkits, etc. which are all core components of a state of art Employer Branding Strategy. Let’s list up some of the potential areas where we could utilise technological advancements in HR.

We all need to review which processes need to be automated and where to create more value with human interactions during the employment cycle

Big Data is on its way to have a significant impact in the HR space by interpreting insights about organisations that were hidden before. Predictive Data on employee turnover is available so that we could proactively react before it hits the business. Network science could bring us all the relevant information about who are opinion leaders in our organisations. How great opportunity it is to work with the most impactful colleagues in case of any change projects in our corporations once we identified them. Artificial intelligence (AI) grows smarter every day, offering leaps forward in matching and in personalising the experience of working with your organisation. There are already a few significant ways in which robots can help enhance the power, reach and impact of your employer brand. Employee referral (ER) programs have always been a potent source for culturally aligned talents. In the new digital era, the technology-enabled referral platforms are taking this idea several steps further. They enable sharing job openings and content with our social networks at scale. But when technology also matches the skills and abilities of our system with the requirements of our business, it accelerates access to strong talent. We are all aware that building long term relationships with potential candidates can further strengthen our employer brand and make more efficient recruitment campaigns feasible. Today’s automated candidate relationship management (CRM) platforms help grow, manage and develop these relationships in a proactive way to maintaining healthy pipelines until the time is right for them to join. The solutions mentioned above are just a few examples of how technology can help your organisation better attract and retain talents according to your Employer Branding Strategy.

Often said that technology is leading to cold and impersonal employee experience, but given today’s available HR technology platforms, the truth is an experience that feels human means you more probably need to embrace even more digital solutions with the right investments to your HR organisation what runs them properly. HR function needs to define the right balance between technology vs humans. We all need to review which processes need to be automated and where to create more value with human interactions during the employment cycle.