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Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies in Europe - 2021

Organisations nowadays are putting more emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) programs at the workplace. And everyone committed to these initiatives knows there is almost no denial that DE&I initiatives have become imperative for any organisation to prosper. Every business today realises that establishing a workforce with a variety of perspectives, experiences, and communities can bring a comparative (qualitative) advantage to the firm. Subsequently, HR departments are coming forward to readdress their responsibility towards ensuring holistic employee wellness and connecting work with social impact and purpose to fabricate flexible work environments.

Amid such trends making a wave in the human resource sector, it is becoming imperative for organisations to equip themselves with the latest and most effective technologies in the market. In order to assist such companies in shoring up their capabilities, we have compiled this issue of Manage HR. In this edition, we have listed the 10 emerging diversity and inclusion companies in Europe to highlight the ones that can help you escalate your chances of success. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted service providers are transforming the HR landscape at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs on the latest industry trends, best practices, and recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Manage HR helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Manage HR’s “Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies in Europe

  • Mahogany Inclusion Partners is an MSDUK-certified Ethnic Minority-Owned business that partners organisations on their D&I journeys, developing strategies, programmes and initiatives which drive inclusion. The company provides its clients with the tools to create inclusive cultures where everyone can thrive. Mahogany Inclusion Partners deliver engaging, practical and flexible inclusion solutions that are right for each business it works with. The company delivers inclusion across the whole business, and it is also a specialist on race, anti-racism and engaging Black talent

  • engages with leaders and employees to create and sustain a healthier, inclusive purpose-driven culture where teams and individuals do their best work in times of growth or crisis. Taking into consideration various aspects of a client's business, culture and objectives, strategically designs custom Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) programmes while utilising best practices in OKRs, Transparency and Data Privacy. delivers D&I and Mental Health services to clients across North America and Europe and is now expanding to South America, Africa and Asia

  • Above & Beyond

    Above & Beyond

    Above & Beyond Group enhances the ability of large companies to embrace the future and see the possibilities of diversity in the era of disruption. The company's unique and agile business model accelerates diversity through an ecosystem of global alliances to implement transformational change while keeping a focus on all the commercial and economic benefits as well

  • Diversity & Inclusion Speaking

    Diversity & Inclusion Speaking

    Diversity and Inclusion SpeakingTM is a program created and led by Alexa Pantanella, with the collaboration and support of a network of professionals, coming from diverse backgrounds, as well as prestigious Universities. After more than 15 years spent in the Marketing Communications industry, working in the major Communication groups, and 4 years at Luxottica, as Head of Marketing Communications and Media, in 2018 Alexa Pantanella decides to focus her energies on a tool that couples her professional competences in Communications, with her personal interest and passion around Diversity and Inclusion

  • Dragonfly Coaching

    Dragonfly Coaching

    Dragonfly Coaching & Career Services was established to support the development of female talent in the business. The company understands that women experience the workplace in a very different way and face very unique and specific challenges. Dragonfly Coaching practice is focused on helping women to develop fulfilling careers, supported by great organisations that actively foster diversity of talent, work-life integration and individual career development

  • Estellio


    Estellio is a coaching company, it developed a project called as Les Zèbres Anonymous which is aimed at supporting high intellectual potentials, "right brains", creatives and other atypical profiles to better integrate and flourish in business and in their work in general

  • Impact


    Impact is a world-leading experiential learning company. Since 1980, the company has worked with organisations to develop leadership capacity and catalyse change. Impact believes that organisations should be purpose-driven, human-centric places where people can thrive while creating a more sustainable future for everyone



    MASF Consulting is a specialist, expert advisor and consultant on business & strategic transformation with a focus on developing and driving Diversity & Inclusion and Executive Coaching programs for enterprise improvement and sustainable success. MASF Consulting works with large domestic and multinational organisations in the private sector and advises the public sector by articulating the business case of an inclusive culture and the unlocking of executive potential to deliver competitive advantage

  • Mpatika


    Mpatika assists companies to be more respectful and inclusive and to make their talent feel happier and more satisfied. Specialists in 'invisible diversities' such as LGBT diversity and male feminism. It designs ad-hoc/boutique market research, generates and activates insights, and conducts teamwork workshops

  • Wes


    Wes is Swedens fastest growing executive recruitment company, and a leading expert in diversity recruitment. The company recruits top candidates for positions ranging from middle management and executive management to board level, and is specialised in identifying and including the best leaders in every recruitment process

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